Sponsor SOFII and be loved forever

Loved forever? Really? Well, certainly for a long time. That’s because your help is urgently needed to keep SOFII free for everyone. Give a gift now and you will help people around the world fundraise as you do – properly. And that means supporting SOFII is a way of helping all sorts of charities, around the world.

And, anyway, SOFII is for fundraisers, so if you don’t support us? Who will?

As a fundraiser, you’ll know already that the best way you can help is with a monthly gift. You’ve heard it before, but it’s true – whatever you can afford will make a difference.

You can make your gift now. SOFII is happy to accept pounds, euros, dollars or any precious gems you have spare (click below to choose your currency).

At this point, you should probably see a wonderful pack shot, showing the amazing welcome materials you’ll receive as a Sponsor. But the thing is, SOFII needs your money so much, we can’t send you anything. Except the knowledge that you’ll be loved forever (and if not, for a long time).

Isn’t that enough? If not, we’ll send you an invisible badge of honour, which will mark you out as brilliant, amazing, the fundraiser’s fundraiser.

What? Need more convincing? Click here to read a message from Tom Ahern.